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Pius PAC

Wisconsin Music Ventures: When Worlds Collide featuring RB Stone

June 9, 2022 @ 7:00 pm
Wendy Joy Lindsey Theater
135 N. 76th Street
WI 53213
PAC Ticket Office

A special evening of live rock and blues music for the Pius XI school community, WMV community and the public.

RB Stone is a touring blues musician who is also a member musician with Wisconsin Music Ventures. He is coming through the Milwaukee area for a special concert just as WMV Founder Allison M. Schweitzer (aka Allison Emm, in “the business”) has taken on the position as the new Director of Choral Music at Pius XI. This concert is a special showcase to both introduce her to the Pius XI community, and to continue with WMV’s mission of helping independent musicians to thrive in Wisconsin. Opening for RB will be local Rockabilly artist Bruce Humphries, and Mrs. Schweitzer may make a guest musical appearance.